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Why Calder ?

The Gartner Group has predicted that… ” 10 percent of your online “friends” will be non-human. Social media strategy involves several steps: establishing a presence, listening to the conversation, speaking (articulating a message), and, ultimately, interacting in a two-way, fully engaged manner. Thus far, many organizations have established a presence, and are mostly projecting messages through Twitter feeds and Facebook updates that are often only an incremental step up from RSS feeds. By 2015, efforts to systematize and automate social engagement will result in the rise of social bots — automated software agents that can handle, to varying degrees, interaction with communities of users in a manner personalized to each individual. “

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Calder Interactive Persona™ Technology is making that possible today everywhere, on your PC, mobile device, television, and your car dashboard. Calder Interactive Persona makes finding gathering, and organizing information from the internet more human. Our technology will allow you to manage and curate social networks and search, while providing two-way voice based search, status updates, location check-in, sharing, and infotainment everywhere.

Calder Global Networks

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